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Lark Gould

Welcome to TravelBloggerPro, your team and support for your emerging life as a travel writer and blogger. We are here to ensure you have the tools you need and the comfort you can use in taking your writing skills to the next level while finding out all the amazing ways you can channel these skills into the wonderful world of travel.

We are a team of experienced writers, journalists, digital SEOs and social media buffs that are already living the life we describe and can help you get there, too.

Leading this team is Lark Ellen Gould, a top name in her field and someone who has been working as a professional travel writer for more than 20 years. Lark started this journey back in the 1980s, fresh out of graduate school and seeking smashing topic for her master’s thesis in editorial journalism at Boston University’s School of Public Communication. Always on the look-out for stories, she ran across a photographer looking for a partner with whom she could travel to Ethiopia and document the plight of an ancient sect of Jews who were escaping into Sudan to be picked up on secret midnight charters to Israel. Lark was off and running and her stories were published in major publications, including the Boston Globe and Christian Science Monitor.

In her work as a journalist, spending much time in Africa tracking down odd and unusual stories, however, she found that newspapers and magazines were more interested in restaurants and hotels in these exotic places, rather than war, famine and tales of survival.

A travel writer was born. And Lark never looked back. She went on to work for top national and international publications writing about far-flung destinations and eventually not so far off places, helping readers travel better and travel well to spots that might not have been on their radar.

As a journalist, Lark has been covering not only the art of travel and the where of travel but also the business of travel ever since and continues to do so with wisdom that is long and deep. More recently she has become equally as agile in the skills required for digital publishing, SEO and content marketing.

Through TravelBloggerPro and the help of a team of editors, photographers, technical pros and social media experts, Lark shares hard-won lessons and knowledge with members interested in taking the steps they can take to lead a truly fascinating life of traveling, writing and publishing for profit and freedom.

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