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Everyone wants to travel. Many people want to write. Everyone who travels would love to travel for free or at low cost and make money from their travels at the same time.

Enter the travel writer. The travel writer travels, travels well, travels in style and luxury and more often than not, for free. And when the travel writer returns, the travel writer gets checks and paypal deposits based on recounting his or her fabulous experiences on the road.

With today’s Internet options and access anyone can be a travel writer or travel blogger whether they can write or not. Anyone can hang up a shingle, earned or not, and hope that someone reads their work. However, how many of these would-be travel raconteurs know how to reach a large and sophisticated audience beyond that of their Instagram universe? How many know how to reach editors who might want to publish their work and give their names or brands credibility? How many know how to reach companies that can happily assist their travel with sponsored trips? How many know how to attract wide audiences and fans to their work and how to make money from all the trouble?

Travel writing is not an easy metier. It takes time, it takes know-how, it takes experience and it takes help.

TravelBloggerPro offers this help in a variety of fun learning pods, events, one-on-one assistance options, and outlets. We have packaged the process of learning the travel writer and blogger profession into an easy flow of time that will provide all the tricks of the trade, a place to publish and get seen, a community of like-minded writers, and a lot of professional help along the way.

Like travel itself, writing about travel is its own journey. Being able to see the world the way a writer does and articulate those experiences in words and photo essays that can be shared far and wide is a wonderful feat and one that keeps paying off with every trip taken.

TravelBloggerPro will reach out to those who want to experience the delight that comes with being able to travel, often for free, and write. It will teach secrets and styles and will offer ways and means to get would be writers on their way to a rewarding and fun career.

Taught and operated by writers and editors with long-standing professional lives as international travel writers, students will learn from the pros and add their own footprint on this rarefied industry with articles on their own that give their names and brands traction.

Writers will be members of a larger community and have access to that community for all manner of useful information. That community will become part of their network – the network every pro needs to ascend in one’s field.




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Tips for Diving into Destination Writing

Many writers start their piece with a strong – but brief – anecdote that introduces the general feeling, tone and point of the trip and story…. something that grabs the reader’s attention and makes them want to read on. Don’t start with the journey to the airport – start with something interesting, not what happened first.     [MORE…]



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Memorial Day is right around the corner, marking the official start of summer travel for many Americans. While many spend the holiday weekend in the surf and sun, many people would rather avoid the crowds that can come with the pleasant beach weather. But it turns out crushing claustrophobia isn’t a universal Memorial Day phenomenon. In fact, there are just some vacation spots that are simply more popular than others — which can make your favorite beach feel impossibly congested.


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While lawmakers are busy trying to make breakfast taco the official breakfast food of Texas, some business owners are putting unique touches on another morning favorite — doughnuts. Wide Open Country compiled a list of the 10 must-try doughnut shops to stop by in the Lone Star State, one of which is in San Antonio’s own backyard.




The Team that Will Get You There

Working travel writers often rely on a team of PR pros to help them get the job done. Your PR contacts help you get you information, facilitate your travel and make sure your travels flow so you can do the creative work you need to do. Our comprehensive directory of travel and destination contacts is included with your membership with TravelBloggerPro. Stay tuned!

Top 100 Travel Blog Sites

We have curated the top travel blogs of the day for your to browse, revel inspiration and launch sites of your own based on what you see and what you like. It’s all part of the membership package with TravelBloggerPro. You will get access to a complete video course and book; monthly newsletters to motivate and inform; access to one-on-one live teaching sessions; trip listings as available; free resources and tools; discounts to conferences, and more. Launching soon … stay tuned!

Travel Writing for $$$

Don’t just travel to write. Write to travel and get paid! We send our members regular insights into which editors are paying and how much, which blogs sites are looking for writers and are willing to pay them; and assignments as they come in for editors seeking articles on particular travel-focused topics. It’s all part of the membership … launching soon!

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